Beginner’s Guide to Sri MadhvAchArya’s Life and Philosophy


There are some philosophies which are honored without being read while some other philosophies are ignored without being read. Sri Madhvacharya’s philosophy and religion belongs to the second category.

There are more people who have misunderstood and misinterpreted Srimadacharya and his philosophy than the people who have understood him. Sri madhvacharya’s philosophy is like a cane of sugar which has all the juice hidden under a tough surface.

Sri madhvAcharya’s philosophy did not come to mislead people by spurious attractions but came to give the essence of vedas to the people who have been misled. It is the tattvavaada of the right knowledge.

Sri madhvAcharya’s philosophy does not mislead innocent people with colorful explanations. It gives a clear and coherent explanation to the universal principles.

Sri madhvAcharya says “Illusion may be very attractive but it is not good for the people”. His words are “mithyOpaasaahi anarthadaa” and “worship of the wrong principles leads to destruction”. Truth may be hard to swallow but not difficult.

Even though Sri madhvAcharya’s philosophy is difficult, it is a philosophy that is suitable for debate, serious thinking and introspection. It is important to learn about such philosophy, its creator and the historical tradition of that philosophy.

This booklet which gives information about sri madhvacharya in an unique question and answer format serves a very useful purpose.

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