Dr.M.S.Acharya Memorial Trust was formed in the fond memory of Dr.MS Acharya, a noble man who lived all his life with the philosophy of serving fellow human beings. Being a doctor by profession, he established a clinic and nursing home in Secunderabad where he served the needy and ran the nursing home on a cost-to-cost basis. All his well-wishers truly respected him for his principles and hardship he went through to ensure he practices them in every hour of his life.

Dr.MS Acharya Memorial Trust was formed by a group of enthusiasts on 1st Feb 2011. It was later registered with the Andhra Pradesh Trust Registration Act with registration number 32/11 in the office of Sub registrar, Balanagar, Hyderabad.

The core objectives of the trust are:

  1. Provide Medical Relief to the needy
  2. Financial assistance to the poor to ensure basic necessities.
  3. Educational assistance in the form of scholarships and books.
  4. Animal welfare
  5. Social causes and environmental care.

With these key objectives, the trust has approximately 50 members and volunteers who work rigorously to meet the objectives of the trust. The trust has conducted several charitable events like free medical camp, free eye testing and blood donation drive in the recent past which has served a lot of people irrespective of age, religion or gender. Apart from this, we are working on making our selves visible over the internet through a website and other channels to
reach out to people who need help.

With the team we have, we are confident of meeting all the objectives of the trust. Strong governance is put in place to ensure our alignment and tracking of progress of the activities. A monthly meet is conducted on the first Sunday of every month where the progress is reviewed and necessary help is provided by the group to take these objectives further.