• Establishment, construction, running and maintenance of hospitals, dispensaries, primary health centers, clinics or other institutions for providing medical relief to the poor.
  • To provide assistance – finance, medicines, equipment – to poor and needy.
  • Maintain a bank of medical supplies /equipment such as oxygen cylinders, wheel chairs, stretchers, etc and make them available to the needy as and when required.
  • Promotion of YOGA.


  • Construction and setting up of tenements and buildings for housing the poor and providing them with basic needs like food, clothing and other necessary items.
  • Offering donation or financial assistance to the poor in distress afflicted by natural calamities like famine, flood, earthquake, pestilence, etc.
  • Offering donation or financial assistance for setting up of institution(s) that offer care & provide relief to the poor without any distinction based on caste, creed, religion or sex.


  • Setting up, maintenance and upkeep of Educational Institutions – schools, colleges, and technical institutions – for the promotion of literacy.
  • Publication of books, literatures, and other reading materials for advancement of education.
  • Supporting institutions by offering scholarships, fellowships, and soft loans to deserving students.
  • Providing text / note books and awarding prizes to deserving and needy students.
  • Arranging guest lectures, seminars, debates on current topics of interest for upgrading and enhancing knowledge and skills of student community.


  • Setting up, maintenance and upkeep of homes for the aged and learning centers for differently-abled.
  • Social activities for the benefit of the poor and needy families like performing mass marriages, organizing free health check up camps, arranging vocational training for women entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Rehabilitation of women, especially widows to become self reliant. Help destitute children by providing shelter, food, clothing and basic education.


  • Providing shelter, feed stock and water including veterinary service to stray and abandoned animals.