In a short span of just one year, our members and volunteers have worked hard to ensure we make our selves capable of serving the society in a very useful and meaningful way. With this vision, through the various activities and camps that the trust has conducted, it is now strong enough to provide the following services to the society. To maintain the sanity of our services, the trust doesn’t make any direct payment to any beneficiary instead will deal with making direct payments for the expenses.

  1. Financial Assistance for medical needs : One of our volunteers has offered to provide financial assistance towards expenses Bourne for medical needs for those who are recommended by the trust. This could be any medical surgery.
  2. Dialysis
  3. Eye Operation : One of our volunteers, eye surgeon by profession has volunteered to perform eye operations free of charge for those recommended through our trust. A base minimum cost is charged by the hospital for using their facility but nothing from the doctor.
  4. Blood : Through our blood donation camp conducted last year, we now have access to Red cross blood bank where blood(Any time and any group) will be made available to those recommended by the trust. Alternatively, a repository of names and number of blood donors locally is available in the website www.Friends2Support.orgnonamegeneric
  5. Book Donation & Exchange : In view of serving the young generation and giving them the gift of education, the trust hopes to become an online based platform where academic books can be exchanged by students on returnable basis. The trust will also appoint a volunteer to coordinate this effort and build its own book library. This will help students reduce their educational expenses towards books. Currently we are building our book bank and are accepting any book that can be of help to students. If you have any book that you would like to donate, please mail us at  and we will coordinate with you to collect those books.
  6. PassonBooks_Poster_Final_01
  7. Scholarships : The trust will provide scholarships to students who have performed well academically. In addition to this, it will also provide financial assistance towards school/college fees payments.
  8. Walking Wheel chair : Our volunteer has donated a imported walking wheel chair to the trust. This can be used by those who need walking support. The Walking support converts to a wheel chair to help patients sit if they are tired. This chair is available to everyone on a returnable basis.wc